Sacramental Authority

Our Sacramental Lineage

On February 7th, 2022 – his birthday – Fr. Kenn Nelan was received into the Anglican Free Communion International and serves the People of God in a missional diocese. His Sacramental Authority comes from an unbroken lineage descending from the Apostles. Fr. Kenn currently serves in a new position created to help restore sound mental health to those who work closely with the community – to ensure clergy both ordained and lay receive the care and guidance they need to fulfill their missional service.

The Pastoral Center is a faith community celebrating in the Christian tradition and embracing all people into full participation in the sacramental life of the church and is protected under the charter of Sacred Wandering, a Church entity.  We are a Contemporary Christian community that not only teaches and preaches but also lives the gospels of Jesus, the Christ.

The Pastoral Center celebrates within a missional diocese that celebrates various types of ministries and that embraces true service through BEing an example of spiritual wellness. Fr. Kenn’s particular proclivity is reaching out to the community by sharing life’s experiences on a human, one-on-one level. Through the sharing of life, individuals within the community are able to grow stronger by removing obstacles from their path thereby helping them embrace their own journey through life.

Fr. Kenn celebrates his own transformation within the Eucharist, for which he has a deep passion.

This image, created by then Msgr. Nelan, was the basis for a coat of arms given when he was elevated to Vicar General of a diocese.
From Top Left to Bottom Right: The Helping Hand of God, open and assisting all; The Descending Spirit, reminding us we are always in God’s presence; The Most Holy Eucharist, the root of Fr. Nelan’s ministry; and The three rings representing the Union of God and Humanity.

Contemporary Christianity – A New Old Path

You, like many others, may be surprised to learn there are “other Christians” not under the authority of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope).  In fact, within the Christian churches that remained unified after Rome broke away in 1133 (Concordat of Worms), there are 6 Rites (‘autonomous ritual Churches’) and 23 Church branches. These other branches of the Universal Church have reestablished ties to traditions that predate the Roman schism.  This includes those within Protestant traditions.

Being Anglican today can mean many different things but what remains Universal is that we continue to represent the faith community of Christians who identify with the celebration of the sacraments and its rich traditions. 

Contemporary Christians is a term that best describes those who continue to search for a non-judgmental, sacramental experience and that is different in terms of being non-judgmental, open to all people, and truly living the commitment of Jesus’s teachings of universal love, compassion, healing, and forgiveness.

We are a living and breathing faith community on a journey, a people with a shared mission.  We hope your life will be enriched through the Celebration of life so that together we can bring hope and healing to a world in these trying times.

Join us and see what being a Contemporary Christian is all about!

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