Our Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Sacramental Mission.

The Pastoral Center’s mission is to bring the real sacramental presence – the true teachings of our Christ – into the modern world by celebrating four (4) pillars of sacredness:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing

We welcome all people to a place where diversities are celebrated as we journey through life; welcoming them as they are, for who they are, and where they are in their journey so they may flourish and grow in peace and light.

~Sacred, yet Practical.
~Practical, yet comfortable…
~ Filled with hope for each person’s wandering.

Our Vision

We envision a place where individual differences are seen as blessings; a place for all who seek wholeness, wellness, completeness, peace, or whatever they need; even for those who want to exist in a peaceful and safe environment. That is why we take pride in creating an atmosphere of total peace and separation from the “real” world. Knowing you have a place to come and unwind is paramount in our celebration of the Sacramental presence of God.

We envision a place where all people may celebrate without fear; a place for individuals, couples, families, or group. In our gardens, chapel, labyrinth, or other sacred spaces we hope you will find what you need to bring you closer to the Divine presence. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, or other spiritual identity, there is a place for you here at The Gathering.

Our Goals

The ministerial goals for any faith community must be an integral part of the liturgical, ministerial, and sacramental presence of Church. This is especially true for Sacred Wandering’s ministries as we must never forget the reason we continue our mission.

Our goals are:

  • To build a solid foundation for a dynamic ministry.
  • To challenge the faith community to develop a meaningful relationship with other members and with our Christ, and to see themselves as God sees them; with love, compassion, forgiveness, and inclusion.
  • To teach without bias and by empowering community responsibility through the visions and ministry of our Christ, Jesus.
  • To empower the faith community to have a desire and passion to be examples of the Living Christ to all people.
  • To help build an emerging catholic presence – ever moving forward and inclusive of all God’s People.
  • To serve all people equally – with genuine and authentic LOVE as exemplified by our Christ.

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Mequon, WI. 53092-5700

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