Welcome to a New Way of Being Catholic

Welcome to the Pastoral Center at Sacred Wandering, a contemporary sacramental community outside the institutional church in the greater Milwaukee area. The Pastoral Center at Sacred Wandering is a place for gathering within the Spirit and the self by exploring the relationship we hold with the Divine through scripture, sacrament, and the life example of the Christ.

We dream of a place where individual differences are seen as blessings;
where colors mix in a universal dance of light mingling and gathering together in mystery and love, declaring:

“We Are One!”

We are ‘c’atholic and ‘C’atholic in the truest sense of the word, and share our history with other Catholic jurisdictions; some of our lineage is even derived from the church under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome (Pope).
We Are:

  • A Place for All who seek wholeness, wellness, completeness, peace, or healing ~ what ever the need may be.
  • A Place for Spirituality.
  • A Place for Enrichment.

~Sacred, yet Practical.
~Practical, yet comfortable…
~ Filled with love and help for your spiritual journey.