You’ve made the decision to marry – now what? Choosing the right celebrant for your special day can be a daunting task.  True marriage is more than the union of two persons, it is the uniting of two souls already committed to one another.  What matters is what is in your heart and your commitment to each other.  Your ceremony is the outward expression of that commitment.

Let’s work together to create a unique ceremony that reflects your beliefs and your feelings for each other.  Our Pastor, Fr. Kenn Nelan, works with you so you know what to expect on your special day.  Whether at the beach, in a building, in your back yard, or other unique location, Fr. Kenn can make your day one to remember.

**Special Note: we do not discriminate.


A partial list of options available includes:

  • Hands Ceremony
  • Honoring of Children
  • The Unity Candle
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Interfaith
  • Spiritual
  • Non-religious
  • Christian (non-denominational)
  • Non-judgmental
  • Any location

Why Work with Fr. Kenn?
The main reason couples choose to work with me is that they feel their ceremony is important.  Often they are looking for a meaningful, spiritual ceremony where they are given the freedom to contribute while still maintaining those parts necessary to ensure sacramental and legal marriage.  Together, we can either draw upon your traditional religion, combine traditions, or create your own new, unique symbolism (ie: Flower ceremony, Parents ceremony, Family Blending ceremony, or even Sage Burning ceremony).  I can draw from many different traditions and themes.

I have been approached by couples whose religious leaders will not officiate unless certain conditions were met.  I unconditionally accept you for who you are and try to work with your needs.  I also work with those who only want a quick civil ceremony.  The reason ‘why’ to work together is not as important as ‘does it feel right’ that we should be working together. The only way to tell is to meet and discuss your wishes.

Please look through our wedding website (under construction), or Contact Us, for more information about our services and goals to help you achieve what is best for your sacred celebration.