The Companions

The Companions of St. Dominic is an autonomous Ecumenical Order of Preachers religious order within the IC/IS Movement that is currently under development.  We are working our Constitution and Charism, as well as the order itself after a painful separation from our founding order. We have opted for a more – community – based model of service which focuses on the People of God, not the servants themselves. As we continue the process of recognizing the strengths in every person with whom we minister, we help build a Church founded on the teachings of the Christ.

Our Sisters and Brothers in the Companions of St. Dominicans work diligently to bring Saint Dominic’s unique charism of preaching and teaching into the world through study and service to the people of God. While preaching is an important aspect of our charism, we recognize the importance of LIVING the teachings our Christ taught – gently guiding and bringing ministry back to a Christ-centered community and BEing the very things we teach. We throw no one away, but instead remind each other of the importance of reflecting on our connection to our Lord, Jesus.

As we build our documents and discern our place in the world, we invite you to read more about our order by contacting us for more information.