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Order of Preachers

Order of Preachers, Old Catholic

Unitas et Oratio – Discere et Praedicare

The Order of Preachers, OC is reworking its Rules and Charism, though it remains distinctly Dominican.  We are working diligently to update our website located at: http://opoc.myiocc.org.  We have opted for a more – community – based model of service which focuses on the People of God, not the servants themselves.

The Dominican Order of the Old Catholic Churches International (Order of Preachers, Old Catholic) strives to bring the unique charism of Saint Dominic into the world today through study and service to the people of God.  We strive to not only preach, but live the same concepts we preach – gently guiding and bringing ministry back to a Christ-centered community.

We celebrate the diversity of our communities under the Old Catholic Churches International (OCCI) and work as partners to bring the message and example of our Christ to life.  Along with the OCCI, we are open to the life affirming differences present in the celebration of Christian life.

We invite you to read more about our order, our parishes, and the OCCI.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(The above information was created by and remains the copyrighted intellectual property of the Order of Preachers, Old Catholic. It is used with permission.)